About me

I'm a 3x founder investing in tech startups, SaaS & marketplaces.
20 years experience in software engineering, 4 years in product.
Currently developing an indie game & open to work.

Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and AngelList. Happy to help or just chat.

Acquired some skills

Founded several startups (3 successful, some busts)

E-Commerce Marketing Platform, SaaS

Card  Room for Schafkopf, Transactions & Membership

Social Network for 40-60, Advertising

Became a Founding Partner of two syndicates


Tier-1 international syndicate, all stages, industries & regions

Join the syndicate.


First AngelList syndicate focussed on Europe

Join the syndicate.

Led deals into amazing companies

Subscription for a new car, cheaper than a lease

TurboTax for Latin America

Nanotech authenticity label for medicine & more 

Biological sensors that increase yield & protect crops

Large autonomous cargo airplane

Autonomous trucks

Your Startup?

Always looking for the next great team to back.

Invested in over 100 great companies as a syndicate LP

Thanks to many amazing syndicate leads that sourced those deals!

Turing: Vetted remote engineers

Oxygen: Neobank for freelancers

Fondeadora: Neobank for Mexico

Kernal Bio: mRNA therapeutics

Mighty Buildings: 3D-printed homes

Petal: Responsible credit card

LocoNav: Fleet management

ContentFly: Content as a Service

Fifth Season Fresh: Robotic Vertical Farming

Overtime: Sports network

AlphaFlow: Lending platform

RoboTire: Robot Vehicle Service

When I'm not hustling...




So, here are some Calls to Action:

Reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or AngelList.